Hello and welcome to my sitecast blog, A Long time ago. The site contains a sitecast blog content of an information system I designed and implemented in 2020, ever since deejaying I found I needed a space to produce and promote good music I love to play and listen to. I designed Radio Beacon and Specs for this purpose and hope you enjoy it.

My calendar is provided to show you my free slots during the week, month and year and hopefully helps you understand how busy I am.

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The Night I Fled For My Life Growing Big People with PS.

I was about 9 years old and in the early hours of the morning to escape my fathers violence I climbed out of my bedroom window and fled into the wintry night. This is a story from my childhood, I am sharing this traumatic experience in the hope it helps anyone who can relate to be curious about your own trauma and continue to heal and grow from your own negative life experiences. 🙏🏼 We all have things in our childhood, I want to encourage you to go and sit with those memories that will help give you a key to your recovery and moving on. Your life matters, and you can break generational patterns – and commit to do the work. Get a hold of this e-book I AM NOT MY FATHER until 15th November – only at £7.00 (valued at £29.95) which includes the audiobook at paulscanlon.com/iamnotmyfather
  1. The Night I Fled For My Life
  2. Relationship Wisdom pt. 2
  3. Relationship Wisdom Pt. 1
  4. The 5th Season: Transition
  5. Strip back the layers your ego has painted on you!

May 2024

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